Sikh rules on dating

10-Sep-2016 17:48

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As you’ll see in the clip below, as soon as Param comes out, 20 of the 30 women turn their lights off, indicating no interest in him.

One woman who left her light on said she is interested in him because she could use Param’s turban to store her phone.

This issue came up on the BBC program as well, and I’m not actually sure what the reality of the situation is.

I have certainly observed Sikh women who see turban-wearing Singhs as more like brothers and less like someone to date, but is this really becoming the norm?

Desire is a complicated thing, something that is deeply shaped by the society we live in.

It’s clear that people in North America and the UK are not exactly socialized to find Sikh men attractive, so I’m sure that plays a role in who Sikh women in the diaspora find attractive.

He continues that turban-wearing men often feel invisible to women, not literally, but “when it comes to actually going out with someone.” I was inundated with the voices of young women in my school casually referring to facial hair as gross or unattractive (with no intention to hurt my feelings I’m sure) and their preference for guys who were “clean-shaven.” CLEAN-shaven. These are the messages we get from our peers and from the media every day.

So naturally I assumed it was highly unlikely that any of my female classmates would ever be interested in dating someone like me.

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It’s hard to say exactly what this is about and how much of it relates to this trend, but it is worth noting.

In writing this, I am mostly interested in opening up a conversation. In some Sikh spaces, conversations about dating at all (and dating itself) are taboo, which only exacerbates these sorts of problems.

So it is sometimes a little disheartening to see some Sikhs who have taken the formal vows, called Amritdharis, to be lost in self-made rules which are not based on the truth, contentment and divine wisdom enshrined within the Sikh Holy Scripture, the Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji (Guru Granth Sahib).

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This infobite aims to highlight some of the pitfalls and misconceptions of some Sikh Khalsa.A young Singh in the UK has been in the spotlight the last few days after his appearance on a dating television show called “Take Me Out.” I just heard about it a show on BBC Radio 1 hosted by Nihal, which you can listen to in its entirety here.

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