Sex dating in heywood lancashire

24-Dec-2015 07:52

He has pleaded not guilty to nine sex charges involving seven alleged victims from 2002 to 2013.Opening the trial at Preston crown court, Mark Heywood, QC, said: “Within the Palace of Westminster, in his constituency and in his own political party, Mr Evans was a very well-known and powerful individual.“Part of his influence was the ability to make, or to break, the careers of young people who would be politicians or work for those who govern.“He, often when in drink, pressed his sexual attentions on these young men, on occasions using or trading on his position of influence.Former Tory MP and Deputy Speaker Nigel Evans used his power and influence to rape and sexually abuse young men, a court heard today.Evans raped a young man who was invited to his house in Lancashire, the court was told.

Ukip had been campaigning strongly in the Lancashire constituency, in an effort to make inroads into Labour's northern heartland.Labour held the Heywood and Middleton seat by just 617 votes as Nigel Farage claimed Ukip was “ripping lumps” out of the party in its northern heartlands.