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30-Dec-2015 08:02

All the accounts used pictures of ordinary looking people.

“We emphasize that our study is not intended to measure attributes like beauty or attraction,” say Tyson and co.

Women tend to be far more engaged and more likely to send a message to their match.

“Overall, we find that 21 percent of female matches send a message, whereas only 7 percent of male matches send a message,” say Tyson and co. Almost two-thirds of messages sent by men occur within five minutes of the match taking place, but only 18 percent of those sent by women.

Users swipe right if they like the picture or swipe left if they don’t.

When two users like each other, the app puts them in contact with its built-in messaging service. Until then, most dating services had found matches using a range of factors such as shared interests, age, future plans, and so on. That’s interesting for anthropologists who have spent decades studying how people select mates.

And yet nobody has studied mating strategies on Tinder.

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In total, they crawled 230,000 male profiles in this way and 250,000 female profiles.For a start, men and women use entirely different strategies to engage a potential mate on Tinder.